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A marvelous Bookhouse season closes


A Marvelous Bookhouse Season Closes

October 24, 2013 at 12:58pm
SheilaMark featuring Sheila Stratton on vocals and Mark Hamza on Organ along with Nick Driscoll on Saxophone and Flute and Rick Stateman on Drums closed out the 2013 season of The Eastern Monroe Public Library Bookhouse Series on Friday October 18th in The Library’s Edinger Community Room of The Hughes Library in Stroudsburg, PA. A modest size audience filled with blues lovers gathered to listen to the music the group has become well known for. The mood enhancing music and quality performance proved to be a fitting end to a season filled with great memories.

After some welcoming remarks and an introduction given by Linnae Cintron of The Eastern Monroe Public Library, the band began their first song sung through the powerful voice of Sheila Stratton. Her light hearted delivery of the song titled, “Moon Dance” by Van Morrison reflected the light of the Harvest Moon that hovered outside the venue encouraging those who heard it to snap their fingers, tap their toes, and sing along with their eyes in preparation for the marvelous night that was yet to come. And, indeed, the marvelous nature of the concert soon became evident as one song after another was performed.

Many of the selections presented throughout the evening shared the lighthearted melodies of the opening song while others gave those who listened to them some thoughts to ponder. In any case, the concert was an enjoyable one and demonstrated SheilaMark’s ability to enhance any song they play. You’ll find more photographs taken during the concert in the EMPL 2013 Gallery at

SheilaMark presents a variety of music genres during their performance including blues, classic rock, 60’s and 70’s music, and popular music of today. They have performed in various venues throughout the Pike and Monroe County area and beyond to include The Annual Celebration of the Arts Festival, The Church on the Mountain Gazebo Concert Series, and The Deer Head Inn which are all located in Delaware Water Gap, PA. They have also performed during the Community Concert series at Shawnee Inn and Resort located at Shawnee on Delaware, PA many times and were the featured artists on the Home Grown Concert Series on WVIA Radio. You can learn more about SheilaMark, their music, and their upcoming performances by exploring their website at

The Eastern Monroe Public Library (aka The Hughes Library) Bookhouse Concert Series take place in the Edinger Community Room which is located on N. 9th Street (aka route 611) in Stroudsburg, PA. The Hughes Library is the main branch of the Monroe County, PA library system which includes their Pocono Township Branch in Tannersville, PA and their Smithfield’s Branch in Marshalls Creek, PA. The library offers access to numerous books, DVDs, Audio Recordings, and cultural programs free to the public. The library’s BookHouse series is part of its cultural programming designed to provide a venue for literary and musical events which are outside of the commercial and literary mainstream.

As mentioned earlier, the SheilaMark concert was the last performance scheduled for the 2013 Bookhouse Series. 

SheilaMark in the Park


SheilaMark in the Park

by Paul Adam Smeltz (Notes) on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 12:31pm
The Downtown Stroudsburg, PA Business Association in partnership with the Sherman Theater presented an installment of their Music in the Park Series for 2013. The concert featuring SheilaMark took place on Saturday June 22nd in the vacant lot located between Josephine's Fleur-de-lis and The 14KT Outlet’s Fine Jewelry Design. Grass and gravel mingled upon the ground as the small audience who ventured into the urban corridor found their way to sit among the plentiful chairs placed there for their comfort. A cool breeze tunneled itself between the buildings bordering the right and left sides of the stage which enhanced the enjoyment of the experience as drinks were later offered free of charge by the management of Josephine's Fleur-de-lis. 

The blues band consisted of Mark Hamza on The Hammond Organ, Sheila Stratton on vocals, Dean Rickard on Drums, and Teddy Young on guitar. From the very first notes played by this exceptional group of performers to the echoing resonance of their very last song, the music moved the small audience to a quiet appreciation of their talents. The powerful voice of Sheila Stratton touched each ear before burrowing itself into the hearts and souls of all who were fortunate enough to experience it. The music accompanying the songs she sang wrapped itself around each chord with each musician producing a melodic fiber to enhance the piece’s overall tensile strength. In other words, it was a cool afternoon with great sounds to enjoy.

SheilaMark varied musical repertoire ranges from some great, classic blues to uniquely soulful interpretations of recently released songs. It also includes a number of instrumental pieces such as the mind melding composition titled, “Icarus” who, in Greek mythology, attempted to escape a prison in Crete by flying away with wings his father, Daedalus, made for him but failed in the endeavor when he flew too close to the sun which melted his wings of wax and feathers. SheilaMark has performed in a variety of venues including the Community Concert series at Shawnee Inn and resort in Shawnee on Delaware, PA, the Home Grown Concert Series on WVIA (NPR) Radio in Pittston, PA, and at the Celebration for the Arts (COTA) in Delaware Water Gap, PA. You can learn more about SheilaMark by exploring their Facebook Page

The next installment of The Downtown Stroudsburg, PA Business Association and the Sherman Theater Music in the Park Series will take place on Saturday June 30th beginning at 6:45pm featuring the band Woodrow. The concert is a free event with seating available. You’ll find more photographs taken during the Saturday June 22nd SheilaMark performance in The Music in the Park 2013 Gallery

The Downtown Stroudsburg, PA Business Association (aka The Jacob Stroud Corporation) is an organization dedicated to a vibrant Downtown Stroudsburg by improving the municipality’s image by enhancing its physical appearance, building consensus among organizations and the community, promoting downtown's unique characteristics, and restructuring and diversifying our economic base. According to their Facebook Page, Stroudsburg, PA has been a well-established center for Monroe County commerce. You can learn more about The Stroudsburg, PA Downtown Stroudsburg Business Association long with it’s perceptions and vision for the town at their Facebook Page at

The Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA was built in the 1920s and has been renovated during the 2000s to become a venue presenting a variety of related events such as those associated with the arts of theater, dance, and music. In addition to the performances presented within the theater itself, the Sherman Theater also hosts a number of festivals throughout the town along with events presented at their extended non-profit venues known as The Living Room which featuring art exhibitions and a weekly Open Mic Nite Series which are free of charge and invites the public to participate. You can learn more about The Sherman Theater at

The Living Room 02/10/2013 by Paul Adam Smeltz


The duo known as Sheila Mark (Sheila Stratton and Mark Hamza) has performed throughout the area for numerous years and has been seen in various venues. These include performing during the Annual Celebration of the Arts (COTA) Jazz and Arts Festival that takes place in Delaware Water Gap, PA in September. Whether performing as street entertainment to provide the vast audience something wonderful to experience during the time it takes to transform the festival’s stage to prepare for the next performer or as a featured performer sharing their talents upon the COTA  stage itself, Sheila Mark has delighted audiences with Mark’s renditions of songs presented on his Accordion and Sheila’s powerful voice as they combine to create an overwhelming effect upon all who hear them. This effect was well evident throughout Living Room as its denizens found themselves moved with every note and struck by every chord. This overwhelming musical experience left enough energy for the audience to simply say, “Whoa.”

COTA 2012 September 08, 2012


Paul Adam Smeltz wrote this article for the forwardian arts society and has posted it on Facebook.

The COTA Festival Orchestra was followed by The SheilaMark Band who brought the second day of The 35th Annual Celebration of the Arts (COTA) Jazz and Arts Festival to a close. The band consisted of Sheila Stratton on vocals, Mark Hamza on the Hammond Organ, Big Daddy Dex on guitar and vocals, and Rick Statsman on drums. The SheilaMark Band is well known as a straight up grab you by the blues band and their reputation of being so considered to be well earned by those who experienced their performance. The excitement and the sounds of the band proved to be a befitting end to the Saturday September 8th portion of the festival. Their set was followed by an appearance of Spencer Reed whose parting words reflected the enjoyment. 

Blues In The Park


Monday, July 18, 2011

Blues at The Station

The Jacob Stroud Corporation presented The SheilaMark Blues Band on Saturday July 16th at The Dreibe Freight Station in Stroudsburg, PA as part of their Music in the Park Series. A sizable crowd filled the little known McMichaels Park where the train station is presently located. The SheilaMark Blues Band consists of Mark Hamza on The Hammond Organ, Steve Shiposh on drums, Sheila Stratton on vocals, and RocDoc (Chris Imber) on guitar. The music that greeted the attendees ranged from smooth renditions of classic blues ballads, to songs echoing the empowerment of womanhood, to comfortably numb psychedelic journeys all combining to create an enjoyable experience on a wonderfully bright summer day. You’ll find more photographs taken during the concert in the Music in the Park 2011 Gallery at

The SheilaMark Band was formed by Mark Hamza and Sheila Stratton to compliment their musical adventures together. These adventures include the formation of The SheilaMark Duo who perform in intimate venues and the larger Mark Hamza's Great Swamp Blues Band which performs in a variety of venues including several festivals throughout the summer. Please Explore the SheilaMark Website at to learn more about their musical offerings.

The Dreibe Freight Station was built in 1882 and serviced shipments traveling along the New York, Susquehanna and Western Railroad. In now serves as an art gallery to showcase the collections of the Monroe County Historical Association.

Honesdale Roots and Rhythm Festival


Honesdale Roots & Rhythm Music & Arts Festival proudly announces The Great Swamp Blues Band will participate during the upcoming 2011 Main Street Band Festival Live Performances.  Main Street Music Committee Chair, Randy Kohrs, is anticipating having as many as six live performances at various locations up and down Main Street, Honesdale from 10 AM to 1 PM, Saturday, June 18, 2011 to kick off the music and arts festival scheduled for well into that evening.

 The Great Swamp Blues Band performances are known for delighting audiences with recognizable cover songs complemented by originals.  According to frontman, Mark Hamza, their style echoes “the Jazzy side of the Blues”.  Performing as a quartet, their instruments include Hammond organ, trombone, saxophone, and drums.  Mark became a full-time musician some 40 years ago, and during a gig in the Poconos he became convinced that the wonderfully supportive, highly musician-friendly area was where he wanted to relocate.  He has performed on many albums and played with a wide variety of bands and individual acts, including “The Happenings”, “Clarence Spady Band”--where he worked particularly on Blues-style playing on his customized Hammond organ--Richard Meyer, Eric Anderson, and Richard Shindell.  More information and a sampling of their talent can be found at on their facebook page, Great Swamp Blues Band, at the websites, and

A Melodious Duo Fills a house


The ArtMusic Coffeehouse in East Stroudsburg, PA presented The SheilaMark Duo on Friday February 25th. Although the gathering was rather small due to the still wintry weather conditions, the music presented by Sheila and Mark Hamza filled the home of Don Slepian and Jan Julia enhancing it’s welcoming and calming effects on all who come to visit their abode. The concert consisted of Mark playing his accordion while Sheila sang songs which touched the heart and brought smiles to the faces of all who partook of their reminiscent qualities.

The SheilaMark Duo performs in a variety of venues and can be seen almost anywhere throughout the area at any given time. Besides begin a part of the duo, Sheila has played with a number of Celtic bands and has performed in numerous festivals. She recently publish a CD titled, "Celtic Lady of the Lake." Mark and his accordion is often seen (among other places) roaming around The Annual Delaware Water Gap, PA Celebration of the Arts (COTA) Jazz and Arts Festival which takes place in September. He can also be seen playing his huge Hammond Organ with his fellow musicians of The Great Swamp Blues Band in several locations. Please feel free to explore The SheilaMark Duo website at to learn more information about them, their music, and where you might catch their next solo and collaborative performances.

Along with the wonderful music, the evening also included an opportunity to enjoy some delightful conversation and some delicious culinary treats. A peaceful and welcoming environment never fails to engulf those who come visit the house which many has come to feel at home. The ArtMusic Coffeehouse is not only a place one can go to hear some great music; it is also a place one can experience love. You’ll find more Photographs taken during the concert in The ArtMusic Coffeehouse 2011 Gallery at

The ArtMusic Coffeehouse holds its concert series in the home of Don Slepian and Jan Julia who reside in the borough of East Stroudsburg, PA. A variety of musical forms are presented including folk, jazz, classical, and electronic music. Although the concerts welcomes all who wish to attend, seating is limited as it they take place in a private home. The Next The ArtMusic Coffeehouse Concert will feature Ann and Will Rowland on Monday March 7th beginning at 8pm. Please Explore The ArtMusic Coffeehouse Website at or Call 570-476-6307 for more information and to reserve your seat.

Billtown Blues Festival Audition 2010

SheilaMark Band, Congratulations! You have been selected to perform at the Billtown Blues Festival audition. Thanks! Regards, Tom & Lori

Press Release for CD release parties April 2007

All the information is included in the release: **********Idea of performing and visual arts are incorporated in the release. Local performer and local artist have combined talents to produce this CD. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Celtic Moon Productions at 716-940-1948.************ Thank you for adding the press release. Press release is below: For Release: For Additional Information: On Receipt Celtic Moon Productions 716- 940-1948 Gerhardt Yaskow 716-432-6385 Sheila Stratton-Peel Releases her First CD at McCarthy’s Pub And has a second CD Release party at the Wilson House, Wilson, NY On April 21, 2007, regional singer and songwriter, Sheila Stratton-Peel (formally of Iad Fein) announces her debut CD titled Celtic Lady of the Lake at Gene McCarthy’s Irish Pub in Buffalo’s Old First Ward Neighborhood. This event begins at 7:00 PM and is expected to last several hours, as Sheila and Lochside Celtic Duo play their favorites at McCarthy’s Irish Pub, which will include “Caledonia”,” How Will I Ever be Simple Again”, and the classic “Ride On”. There will be a second CD release party at the Wilson House, 300 Lake Street, Wilson, NY on April 28, 2007. This event will start at 4:30 PM until 8:30 PM. Sheila will be accompanied by the group Lochside Celtic Duo, who were instrumental in recording and producing the CD at both of the CD release parties. “I feel that my involvement in these CD releases is a culmination of my love and affection for the greater Irish Community, and my own Celtic roots here in Western New York,” said Sheila Stratton-Peel. “It becomes obvious when sitting with her, that her dedication to the history of the Irish/Celtic people is accomplished through song. Her voice often reflects her high strong emotional traditional interpretations of classic folklore”, states Gerhardt Yaskow who interviewed Sheila for this release. “I can’t think of a better venue, than the Old First Ward of Buffalo and its historic Irish roots, to debut my life’s work,” said Sheila Stratton-Peel. There is a deep commitment to the Celtic community in both Erie and Niagara Counties whereas Sheila is involved with many festivals and organizations that promote the heritage of the Celtic people. During this release, Sheila has invited others regional performers and fans to hear her sing many of her solo hits and traditional renditions. The Wildes, Step-in-Time, Billy LaRauch, and Sloontynx, plan to accompany her at her ceremony. Regarding Sheila’s past artistic background, her local artist friend, Mary McAndrew from Clarence Center, with strengths in interpretive mythological art, has designed the CD’s cover jacket. Ms. McAndrew will be on hand for the celebration with some of her newest works. You can view her webpage at Within the jacket one appreciates Sheila’s gratitude towards Tom Keefer, Norm Bock, fellow band members, and long time local performers and friends, including Gerhardt Yaskow, owner of historic McCarthy’s Irish Pub. “Having been born and raised near Keuka Lake, in Upstate New York, I have always considered myself to be a “lady of the lake”, with that being said, I am of Irish, Scottish, Welch, and Cornish heritage,” said Sheila Stratton-Peel. See her sites and for dates and time of future performances. After 40 years of successful various life experiences in the music business, which began in Central New York’s Finger Lakes Region, later into Southern Ontario (Canada), and now, currently, in both Erie and Niagara Counties, Sheila has been awarded many accolades including: Best Female Voice in Folk for June 2005, an Adelphia Cable performance for the Niagara County Celtic Heritage Society Festival promotion in September 2006, extensive global reviews from to local reviewers such as Kate Olena, applauding her current and past professional achievements in our folk music arena. Again thank you so much.

Newsletter email from 03/11/07

I am proud to say that Celtic Lady of the Lake, my new CD is now finished. Tom Keefer, Norm Bock and Natalie and David St. Onge along with myself have compiled a wonderful selection of musical works that you will really like. Thanks again to Tom Keefer for his musical expertise and David St. Onge, the wizard of mastering. Special thanks to Norm Bock for his great guitar playing and solo work on the project along with Natalie his daughter for her fiddle renditions of these great songs. The artwork for the cover is painted by my friend Mary McAndrew. We colaborated on the cover for the Celtic Lady of the Lake. Copies and the original artwork are available on Mary's website. Copies of the CD should be available soon. If anyone would like to order in advance then let me know at this address and I will be glad to save one for you. Hope all is well. And here we go into St. Patrick's week with all the festivities. Hope that you can come out and see me. Take a look at the calendar for locations and times. You will be able to tell that I am really busy. Thanks to all who have contributed to the CD and those who are helping me in this quest. Hope to hear from you all soon. Slainte Sheila

CD Release March 2007

The CD production is really underway and should be ready by the beginning of March. The art work for the CD is by a great friend of mine, Mary McAndrew, an extremely talented artist who lives in Clarence Center, NY. Please check out her website at Her interpretation is wonderful. We collaborated with the painting as I also am an artist. But Mary's work is grand and can be compared to no other. The production of the CD is in the able hands of my friend, Tom Keefer. He is a member of the band that accompany me on my Celtic journey, they are called the Lochside Celtic Band. Tom is an extremely talented musician, artist and producer. I give him wonderful praise and credit for all his work on the CD. Great work, Tom. Find the bands website at The Celtic lady of the lake is actually Rhiannon, who in fable was the consort of Merlin. In some versions of the legend, Rhiannon was the Celtic goddess who later became Vivienne, best known as the Lady of the Lake. She was the Celtic goddess who gave Arthur the sword Excalibur, empowering him to become King in the legends of Camelot. Rhiannon, Celtic Goddess of the Moon, Endurance, and Inspiration My version of Rhiannon depicted here is playing the Irish drum called a Bodhran, it can also be interpreted as the moon. The great etherial feel of the painting is magnificent. One of the songs on the new CD is Rhiannon, a version of the Fleetwood Mac song that I perform on a regular basis at all kinds of venues. Having been born and raised near my lake, Keuka Lake, in Upstate New York, I have always considered myself to be a lady of the lake. I have an extensive Celtic background that includes Irish, Welsh and Scottish. Hope you return soon to find out more about the release of the CD. Sheila

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