CD Release March 2007

The CD production is really underway and should be ready by the beginning of March. The art work for the CD is by a great friend of mine, Mary McAndrew, an extremely talented artist who lives in Clarence Center, NY. Please check out her website at Her interpretation is wonderful. We collaborated with the painting as I also am an artist. But Mary's work is grand and can be compared to no other. The production of the CD is in the able hands of my friend, Tom Keefer. He is a member of the band that accompany me on my Celtic journey, they are called the Lochside Celtic Band. Tom is an extremely talented musician, artist and producer. I give him wonderful praise and credit for all his work on the CD. Great work, Tom. Find the bands website at The Celtic lady of the lake is actually Rhiannon, who in fable was the consort of Merlin. In some versions of the legend, Rhiannon was the Celtic goddess who later became Vivienne, best known as the Lady of the Lake. She was the Celtic goddess who gave Arthur the sword Excalibur, empowering him to become King in the legends of Camelot. Rhiannon, Celtic Goddess of the Moon, Endurance, and Inspiration My version of Rhiannon depicted here is playing the Irish drum called a Bodhran, it can also be interpreted as the moon. The great etherial feel of the painting is magnificent. One of the songs on the new CD is Rhiannon, a version of the Fleetwood Mac song that I perform on a regular basis at all kinds of venues. Having been born and raised near my lake, Keuka Lake, in Upstate New York, I have always considered myself to be a lady of the lake. I have an extensive Celtic background that includes Irish, Welsh and Scottish. Hope you return soon to find out more about the release of the CD. Sheila
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