Newsletter email from 03/11/07

I am proud to say that Celtic Lady of the Lake, my new CD is now finished. Tom Keefer, Norm Bock and Natalie and David St. Onge along with myself have compiled a wonderful selection of musical works that you will really like. Thanks again to Tom Keefer for his musical expertise and David St. Onge, the wizard of mastering. Special thanks to Norm Bock for his great guitar playing and solo work on the project along with Natalie his daughter for her fiddle renditions of these great songs. The artwork for the cover is painted by my friend Mary McAndrew. We colaborated on the cover for the Celtic Lady of the Lake. Copies and the original artwork are available on Mary's website. Copies of the CD should be available soon. If anyone would like to order in advance then let me know at this address and I will be glad to save one for you. Hope all is well. And here we go into St. Patrick's week with all the festivities. Hope that you can come out and see me. Take a look at the calendar for locations and times. You will be able to tell that I am really busy. Thanks to all who have contributed to the CD and those who are helping me in this quest. Hope to hear from you all soon. Slainte Sheila
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