The Living Room 02/10/2013 by Paul Adam Smeltz

The duo known as Sheila Mark (Sheila Stratton and Mark Hamza) has performed throughout the area for numerous years and has been seen in various venues. These include performing during the Annual Celebration of the Arts (COTA) Jazz and Arts Festival that takes place in Delaware Water Gap, PA in September. Whether performing as street entertainment to provide the vast audience something wonderful to experience during the time it takes to transform the festival’s stage to prepare for the next performer or as a featured performer sharing their talents upon the COTA  stage itself, Sheila Mark has delighted audiences with Mark’s renditions of songs presented on his Accordion and Sheila’s powerful voice as they combine to create an overwhelming effect upon all who hear them. This effect was well evident throughout Living Room as its denizens found themselves moved with every note and struck by every chord. This overwhelming musical experience left enough energy for the audience to simply say, “Whoa.”

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