FEEDBACKS for "Celtic Song and Story" album: * HaeD said: Iad Fein made a masterpiece Celtic Song and Story. And The Ould Triangle is excellent particularly. * fayraree said: Celtic Song and Story of Iad Fein is so cute. Feels bubbly. Country lovers would like Star of the County Down. Cute lyrics. * DJ Eterno wrote: new favourite song is Mingulay Boat Song...because... I dont know but I like Iad Fein and his Celtic Song and Story * dj spunk said: I think (but not sure) it also sings on Raglan Road. It is one of my faves out of the whole musicants! I also like Iad Fein. So there is Celtic Song and Story for you! * isoterra wrote: Iad Fein rocks! I remembered him for a last Celtic Song and Story. But his new Dublin in the Rare Old Times is well too. * Flec wrote: I just bought Celtic Song and Story last weekend. I have been listening to it non-stop!!! I am proud of Iad Fein for this BEAUTIFUL Celtic Song and Story. My fave is Siuil A Ruin!!!!!

FEEDBACKS for "Celtic Song and Story" album: MUSIC FAN wrote: I like The Ould Triangle for its lyrics, because every word of the song has a deep sense… Natali wrote: Star of the County Down is so romantic. It touches my soul deep inside. Do you agree with me? Chubaka wrote: If you don’t know where you can find Mingulay Boat Song. All is much easier. Cheap download here Junkie wrote: When I listened to Celtic Song and Story, I forgot about the time. Lola wrote: The music in this Dublin in the Rare Old Times is just charming, to my mind. Voland wrote: The collection of Iad Fein Celtic Song and Story is rather small but very exquisite... Baby wrote: Musicianship and mix of Celtic Song and Story is damn good. hipa wrote: No comments…. It’s cool. )) JZ wrote: I should say Celtic Song and Story is a masterpiece!!!! urikor wrote: They say that Celtic Song and Story is famous for Bridgett Omalley. I don’t agree. All collection is good. Young-Lady wrote: No wonder, that Celtic Song and Story is brilliant. Iad Fein had worked at it for a long time. Alla wrote: Without doubts a lot of tracks of Celtic Song and Story are excellent. But in order to get a full impression about this group Iad Fein you should download the whole Celtic Song and Story. Barbara wrote: I remember being charmed when I listened to this song for the first time... Music_Lord wrote: I liked John Riley very much! When I listened to this song for the first time...I've been singing just a part of a song... for a while now around the house. I'm trying to make it into a whole song. Amelia wrote: I don't know what to say! It is a fantasy!!!

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author: Chas This CD does a remarkable job of capturing both the misty,mystical,and ancient side of celtic music along with the often grim and gritty reality of life in modern Ireland and Scotland.

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most recent journal entries recorded in Celtic MP3s Music Magazine for Celtic Music Fans' LiveJournal: Next time music from Barleyjuice, Gaelic Storm, Piper's Creek, and The Killdares . Find out more at "Mingulay Boat Song" Iad Fein from Celtic Song & Story

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Tom and Sheila, also known as Iad Fein, provided a very engaging performance at the 2005 Niagara Celtic Festival. With Sheila playing the bohdran and Tom playing guitar, their vocal harmonies and musical arrangements sometimes made it hard to believe there was only two of them on the stage. One of the many highlights of the performance was their version of "County Down" which was performed flawlessly and with the kind of passion it should be performed. If you haven't yet, get out to see this group. Ian Fein will make you believe you are in pub in Ireland or Scotland.......


Reviews for “Siuil La Ruin” Preserving The heritage Doing a "classic" amongst the traditionals is daring. I've heard this song being done live by Clannad, Kylian and others. Still, I did like the performance. The vocals are quite okay, as are the interventions of the backing vocals. I did like the fact that this is a piece of “honest” recording, as good as no handling of the sound except from some EQ-ing perhaps. You asked for comments on the lyrics: as I already said this is a traditional, people like you do preserve the heritage.

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Iad Fein’s “Celtic Song & Story” is a triumph. Their selections from their extensive repertoire of traditional and original pieces showcase each of this trio’s member’s talents. Sheila Stratton-Peel croons "How Will I Ever Be Simple Again" or the poignant Siuil La Ruin, filling the listener with an ineffable yearning for more. Whether it’s guitar, banjo, whistle, mandolin, keyboard, or bodhran, the instrumentation supports and never masks the melodies and harmonies. These songs and stories will make you laugh and cry, and they will entrance and charm you.

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CD: Celtic Song & Story Iad Fein is a trio from the USA (New York), that performs traditional Celtic Music. The band consists of Sheila Stratton-Peel, Thomas Callahan, and Tim Daly. A lot of well known Irish and Scottish songs can be found on their new album “Celtic Song & Story” that was released last year. Nice versions of Star of the County Down, Siuil La Ruin, Are You Sleeping Maggie?, John Riley, The Ould Triangle and other songs with delightful male and female singing. The album contains 16 tunes and can be purchased at


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Amazing, Honest , Good Man

Words cannot express how happy and thrilled I was with Mark's accordion playing and the whole experience with him and his wife Sheila from beginning to end ! Not only is he excellent at what he does, Mark and his wife are good honest people. He brought my father in law to tears with his music and my 2 year old just loved his whole performance, as well as the rest of my guests. I wish them much luck and success and will definitely use them again in the future. So happy for how successful my party went today for my father in laws 80th and son's 2nd birthdays . Mark definitely made it a memory they will never forget :)

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